Frequently Asked Questions


I have a hand emergency, can I come in right now? (lacerations, bleeding, fractures, burns, dislocations etc),

Please go immediately to your GP or local Emergency Department. They will assess and treat your condition, then determine if you need to be referred to us for splinting or therapy.

Do I need a referral from a Doctor to book an appointment at Hand Clinic?

A Doctors referral isn't essential but is preferable. A Doctor is able to investigate the cause of your pain via X-rays, tests etc. We then use this medical information to assist our program of treatment to be tailored to your specific needs.

How can I book an appointment and what information do I need to give?

You can call us on (08)9754 1404 or fill in the online form on this website. We will then ask for details such as your full name, address, contact phone number, your diagnosis, date of injury, insurance details and/or your payment method. We also book a review appointment to check your splint and/or progress. We require information about your condition prior to your initial appointment as this will determine the length of your consultation and the equipment, treatment methods or splint/materials we may need to arrange. This will vary with every patient and be tailored individually.

How many appointments will I need and how long should I allow?

ALL patients attending Hand Clinic require a minimum of 2 appointments: an initial consultation and a review.  Appointment frequency and duration will vary between patients depending on your diagnosis or condition. Initial consults are approximately 1-2 hours. Review appointments are approximately 30-45 minutes.

Where are you located?

We have two clinic locations:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Busselton - 39 Bussell Hwy - Opposite Light Ideas and Retravision, next door to Heritage Vet Clinic.  By appointment.                          

Bunbury - 185 Spencer St  - On the corner of Spencer St and Columba St. our door faces Columba St.  By appointment.         

All phone calls and correspondence go through our main clinic in Busselton.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

Please bring your X-rays, test results, reports and any relevant documentation from your doctor. If you are a WorkCover patient, please also bring all your Workers Compensation paperwork with your employers details, claim number, first medical certificate and most recent progress medical certificate. 

If you have private health insurance, please bring your insurance fund card and your method of payment.

How does payment work?

Please call us for current consultation costings. Splints, straps, socks and other therapy items range between $15-$280 dependent on your rehabilitation requirements. We accept cash, debit cards and credit cards. We are a private clinic and payment is required at the time of your consultation. If you are a WorkCover patient and your claim has been accepted, we will send your accounts to your Employers insurance company.              Please note - If your claim is denied/revoked, you will be required to settle all outstanding accounts. Cancelled/missed appointments with less than 8 business hours notice will be charged a minimum non-attendance fee of $40.

Do you have HiCaps available in both clinic locations?

Yes! Please bring your Insurance fund card and your method of payment.

Does Medicare cover any costs at Hand Clinic?

Possibly. Medicare EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) plans are only available at your GP's discretion and must be for an ongoing, chronic condition.  Patients can be eligible for up to 5 consultations per calendar year. Your Doctor can send us the required paperwork, you will need to bring your Medicare card and your debit card (must be linked to a savings account for reimbursement) to your appointment. Patients are required to pay the full amount at each consultation, Medicare then rebates a portion directly to your account.

Can I use my Health Care Card, Pension Card or Seniors Card?

Unfortunately, no. We don't accept these cards as we are a private clinic. Please contact your GP or local hospital for public services.

Do you see Veterans Affairs (DVA) patients?

Yes! We can see DVA patients for upper limb injuries, burns, lymphoedema and a variety of other conditions in our clinics. We can also do home visits for equipment recommendations and home modifications. This service requires a D904 referral form to be sent to us from your GP. Please call us for more information.

Can you come to my house or nursing home?

For splinting and therapy appointments, we require patients to come to one of our clinics as all our materials and equipment is located on the premises. 

Can I just buy a splint, without a consultation?

Yes! We have a range of pre-made splints, for uncomplicated conditions, available over the counter for purchase. However, dependent on your condition, your doctor/specialist may recommend a custom made splint and/or therapy consultation(s).

Do you see children, people with disabilities, elderly patients?

Yes! We see people of all ages with a range of different conditions. If your child is under 18, a parent is required to be present at appointments and responsible for accounts.

Why is my condition taking so long to heal? 

Many factors can affect healing. Doctors/therapists can give you an approximate time frame but this can be extended or reduced depending on lifestyle choices such as smoking and diet, the type of injury, treatment methods etc. Patients that choose to seek early treatment for their  condition often achieve a better outcome than patients that choose to delay treatment.

What is an open-environment clinic?

Both our Hand Clinic locations are open settings. Open clinic settings can assist with alleviating the anxiety that may be associated with a hand injury by encouraging patient-patient/patient-therapist interactions and utilising calming colours and aromatherapy. We have a private consultation area for sensitive topics or wound care.  Please advise staff if you wish to be seen separately.

What else do you do?

From your finger tips to your shoulder plus more! We see patients for burns and scars on all body areas, amputations, compression garments and pain management. Jeannie also sees Lymphoedema patients in our Bunbury Clinic - Lymphoedema South West.

What should I tell my Doctor, Voc Rehab consultant or Boss?

We provide written feedback to your Specialist, GP, Employer and Vocational Rehabilitation provider, prior to your next appointment so you don't have to remember the medical jargon!